It Begins…

Before my Mom died she told me that I must become a writer. So here goes.
Top Of The World to Ya Ma!!!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

As my days pass by I look to the past for inspiration for my future. I started to count my days and I realized that I wanted to share my life with my readers. I want to tell stories about the good, bad and ugly things that I have experienced in my very amazing life. I look for inspiration from my readers and from my storytelling. Welcome to my blog. He who enters here is a stranger but once.

Job Hunting at 50? Maybe you should start a business and stop working for The Man

Job Hunting at 50? Why not start a small business? 

It’s time to reinvent yourself!

If you are 50 and above and you find yourself job hunting with mixed results here are some tips that have helped me along the way. 

1. Keep studying, learn a new skill and a new language. Maybe you are like me and you dedicated many years to one career. In my case it was Radio. I loved the business since I was a child staying up late at night listening to my favorite Rock Station and imaging myself On The Air! I followed my dream and I had a great run for over 20 years but somehow the business kept offering me lower pay checks and I was having a hard time making a living. I will always cherish the Magic of Radio and the many beautiful people I met while On The Air. I still love the business and I am still looking for a gig if anybody is hiring at WOLD. So I took my skills and landed a contract with some automakers. My Radio DJ people skills paid off while working on special projects at Ford, Toyota and Subaru. I studied Spanish to help me reach my customers in Miami. It’s always good to take inventory of your skills and apply them to something new. Everybody has a special talent. What’s yours? Use it!

2. Don’t give up. You have been around for a half a century. Your wisdom is valuable. Find a passion. Don’t be afraid to apply to 100 places that you find appealing, maybe you will get 1 reply that will change your situation. Age is mostly a matter of mind. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter. Stay positive and stay focused. Build your resumes, have a few of them that are job specific. What are you hobbies and passions? Look for jobs that involve what you love. Companies can tell when you are passionate. Stay energized and your energy will attract positivity. Follow up on your applications with phone calls and emails. Don’t take no for an answer. Pursue your next job like you once pursued that person you fell in love with! Put your heart into your job search. You will get results if you give it all you‘Ave got! Don’t give up!

3. Start a small business. For me I have been able to keep cash flow by selling vintage goods. You know old stuff? I have been a “Picker” since before they made TV shows about it. By the time you are 50 you have accumulated tons of stuff. Do you really need it all? Why not streamline and turn your stuff into cash. Isn’t it easier to carry cash instead of that vinyl collection or those heavy art pieces that you have collected?  How about all those old toys or your parents things that you are still storing? Whittle down your collection and convert it to cash on eBay, OfferUp, NextDoor, Facebook, Craigslist or Instagram. You will be amazed at how much cash you can make selling your old items. That way while you’re job hunting you can have some dough to keep things operational. We live in a magical time where the internet allows to find work, and it allows us to sell things and find gigs to hold us over until we land our next awesome gig. Don’t be afraid to become an Uber or LYFT driver. Try pizza delivery. I did once and I loved it. It was like going back in time being a Pizza Man and my job held me over until something better came along. Pizza jobs are Zen. They make you feel young again! And you get free food every time there is a mistake- you can eat your mistakes! I believe that being 50 is awesome. At this age you should be fearless and stop worrying. Stay positive. Stay active. Keep laughing and smiling and loving life. Enjoy the beauty around you and count your blessings. Everything will be just fine because you believe it will. Study on LinkedIn Learning and everywhere else that you can. Practice KAIZEN or continuous improvement. Your wisdom and experience is valuable. You will get another job- just keep pushing. 
But if you start a small business it will allow you time to be free and enjoy this beautiful life!

Being a Single Divorced Dad is Just Fine!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Life as a single dad is just fine with me. After 2 decades together my wife and I just grew apart. Actually she grew up and I stayed wild and free. So the other day I was telling my twin daughters that if I had a choice between being a husband or a father I would choose being a father. After the marriage imploded I moved back to my favorite city, Miami and I started over again. I was recovering from a near deadly Harley accident and a major meltdown. It took a few years to get back on track but all is well now in Magic City. I commute to my daughters house in Chaaaleston South Carolina (Y’aaaaalllll) almost every weekend and I have to say it’s better than living there. I’m a city boy and I never did well in little towns. I need the vibrancy of my beautiful city with all it’s cultures blended together. My daughters say Miami is their favorite place and we now have two homes for 2 families. The Dad house and the Mommy house are just fine. And even if I have spent $100,000 traveling to visit the Carolinas and my babies it’s all good. Life is short and I just want to be happy and free and a good daddy. Maybe I was not good at being a hubby, but I got the daddy thing down just right!

I love being a single dad. It’s awesome. Sure when I leave my girls in Carolina and head back to Miami I am sad and miserable but we have learned to make the best of it. When I visit my girls in Charleston SC we go out and drive around having long talks while jamming out to tunes! I keep a Mustang GT parked at my old house and Black Beauty- that’s her name- is our magic machine. We drive to nowhere usually at night in our super fast and slick Pony and as we eat up miles of road we share our love for each other. Sometimes we stop at the park to play soccer or swing. We always go to Folly Beach where we stop at Berts and enjoy ice creams. Lila has Superman ice cream, usually 2 scoops in a waffle cone. Audra has a double scoop of chocolate in a waffle cone. I eat a few chocolate King of Pop popsicles and a cheeseburger and maybe some Biggie Smalls chips! Our Mustang GT, our ice cream breaks and our fun at the park make the visits together perfect!

Our Magic Carpet Ride, a divorced dad’s vital tool!
The Playground at Mt Pleasant Pier- sacred ground for daddy and his daughters!
Berts Market on Folly Beach SC. A vital location for VIP divorced dad supplies. Open 24/7 for all necessities!
Berts Market Folly Beach SC. It makes visiting Charleston easier.
Superman Ice Cream at Berts makes my time with my girls very sweet!

When I visit my girls I try to do chores around my old house. It’s funny to be a guest at the house you once bought and shared with your wife. It hurts to see the empty look in my ex wife’s eyes. There is no love left in her heart for me, just contempt. But I still love her. I always will.
So I cook and prepare extra meals and sometimes freeze them so things will be easier for her. I go shopping and buy groceries. I pick up furniture that she buys online for her endless decorating and upgrading. I pressure wash the house and massive driveway and pool deck. I do laundry. I spray for bugs. I clean the toilets and showers and mop the floors and fix the pantry. I help the kids with anything they need like buying them record players and replacing our record albums that mommy donated to Goodwill along with many of my prized possessions. I do all the things that a good husband would do. Without receiving a single hug or word of praise from the mother of my children. Sometimes my ex is angry if I mention the work I do. So I try to stay mute. But I do my best to make her life better when I visit and after 5 years I am finally allowed to stay in the house. No more expensive hotels or Airbnbs. I get to stay in the bottom bunk in my daughters room and I am in Heaven. It’s better than being all alone in my tiny apartment in Miami or at some lonely hotel room. But I can tell my ex wife does not want me around and I know that if I died tomorrow she would not care because I don’t believe that she thinks fathers are needed or that they even matter. Because of this there are days when I feel worthless and like a failure as a father. Even though I try my best to fix up around the house and do more than some married men do for their wives it will never be enough. But that’s okay because I am proud of myself. I feel lucky to be alive after 5 years of tough times on my own. She may not want to be married to me. But I know I would marry me! In a way I have because I am slowly learning to love myself again. I have realized not to look for love from another person because maybe that person does not even love themself?
Spending almost 25 years dedicated to pleasing one person has taught me to appreciate being single. I am happy to remain a bachelor forever because I gave myself away to a person that is now a stranger to me. It’s funny in a sad way. I guess we never truly know who people are do we? And romantic love can fade away, but the love of a daughter is real and forever. This is what will keep me alive.

(Update: I originally started to write this article back on March 22 2020 while on a flight back to Miami from the Carolinas. It was just a few days after the pandemic started. I am finishing the story today in late August. I am visiting my girls again in the Carolinas. I have been blessed to see them almost daily since Easter. I was bringing them to work with me in Miami for a few months until I was laid off from my job. I believe my crusty old manager decided that single dads are too distracted and useless so he canned me. And now I am laid off but I don’t care because I would pay a million dollars a day to be close to my girls.
I am cherishing this time we have together because they are growing so fast that soon they will be too busy for dad. Today as I lay in my daughters bottom bunk finishing this essay I have no worries.
My family is just the 3 of us now and together we can do anything. My daughters love will get me through this temporary slump, because that’s what family does. They make you stronger and help you when you are down! I know I will be back on my feet again soon because I now know that fathers do matter despite what my ex wife, the lawyers and the courts think.)

How I met the love of my life, now my ex wife!

I met my amazing wife in 1993. I first saw her at my vintage boutique and when I did I had to get to know her. At the time I had just moved from Miami to a small town in South Carolina. I was somewhat of a local celebrity with a morning show on the local radio station and a really hot boutique.

I liked to ride my BMW motorcycle or drive my Caddy or Hot Rod Chrysler. I was a real free spirit without a care in the world.

When I first saw Blondie it really was love at first sight. She was a high school Senior who sang opera, played piano, and was a top student. She was tall and blonde and she reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. I worked hard to court her. I took her on many dinner dates and drives and adventures. I gave her many gifts including flowers, chocolates, cards and love notes, clothing, jewelery and anything that would express my love for her. I really enjoyed giving her gifts because she was my love and she made my days brighter and my life better. I would dedicate her special songs on my radio show and I would spend every spare moment I had with her.

Our romance flourished in the early 1990s and into the 2000s. I watched my Blondie go away to Graduate School in California while I stayed behind in Charleston SC to care for my mom and to work on the FM dial at a bunch of radio stations. Before my love went off to California I proposed to her and she accepted. I became an engaged man and my future was all set having the girl of my dreams in my life forever. I wrote my Blondie romantic poetry while she was away at school and I made her scrapbooks and I called her every day and I sent her many letters too. I did my best to make sure that she knew I loved her with all of my heart each day. When she visited town on breaks I would pick her up in a limousine or take her on a horse drawn carriage ride. I loved her and she was the center of my universe…

(To be continued. I will talk about our wedding, our first home together, the birth of our twins and the unraveling of our love affair soon. Stay tuned)

Montreal Memories in the 1970’s; driving to nowhere and eating at Moes Snack Bar

The 1970’s in Montreal were a time of wonder. I was just a kid and the World was wide open with possibilities. There were many nights when we would pile into our silver Chrysler Cordoba with it’s crushed velvet interior and exterior opera lights to explore the wondrous island of Montreal. We might fly up the hills to the top of the mountain in Westmount to play at the Lookout. We would park our chariot and look out upon the beautiful city laid before us under the twinkling Canadian Stars. We might heckle a group of weirdos or race around the mountain peak screaming out the windows chanting crazy rants out of the windows of our fancy car. Then if we got hungry we would descend from our mountain lair and head to Moes Snack Bar for fries and brown gravy. Moe would greet us with his sly grin. He was like a crazy Santa sucking on a half lit cigar. We would grab a booth and shove some change into the jukebox which might play Freddy Fender, KC and the Sunshine Band or a slow song by KISS or the Eagles. Nick the Cook would whip up our delicious snacks and we would chow down and recharge ourselves so we could go on to drive through the City until dawn. We would pass by the Montreal Forum, and the Mustache Bar and the Reggae Record Store where Mum might score some weed. Then we would shoot down St. Catherine Street to St Lawrence Blvd. where the Ladies of the Night would ply their wares and where the street people would live their crazy lives for us to watch like a Reality TV show. We might stop in for a delicious steamer hot dog if we were still hungry or a bagel at St Viateur. Then we would drive some more until the sun popped up over our magical city and it was time to return to our beautiful town home located on Columbia Avenue. My mum, my brother, and me would share this time together smiling from ear to ear. I can still feel the cool Summer Breeze that blows over the Island of Montreal. That wind is always with me and so is the smell of the delicious treats from Moes and the 24 hour bagelery. These were moments that made me the free spirit that I am today. And when I miss my Mum or my Bro I close my eyes and I remember that we are driving all night through the City looking for nowhere to go and just being happy to be together.

What do I do for a living? Good question!

We all get asked that question and for me I have a 1000 answers. I have been a radio dj, a roadie, a movie extra, a pizza man, an ice cream man, a newspaper man, a private eye, a bartender, a waiter, a mechanic, a phone book delivery man, a habedasher, a chauffeur, a baker, a truck loader, a carpenter, a construction man, a welder, a set builder, a stagehand, a smoothie maker, a stay at home dad for twin girls, a caregiver for the elderly, a zookeeper, a janitor, a maid, a labor pool worker with homeless people in Miami in the 80s, a towel boy at basketball games, a factory worker, a temp worker, a personal assistant, a pet sitter, a landscaper at Julio Iglesias’ house, a telemarketer, a consultant, a wedding dj, a drummer, a karate instructor, a PR guy, a pot grower, a Temporary Pot burner for the DEA (Miami labor pool job 1986), a salesman, a data entry clerk, a printer, a tye dye designer, an antiques picker, an eBay seller, a candle maker, a volunteer..and many more things. I guess what I try to do is make money to pay my bills because I always seem to spend too much and save too little. If I won the lottery I would probably volunteer to help animals, the special olympics and the homeless. I have enjoyed and sometimes hated all my jobs so far and I am still looking for one. Are you hiring?

Memories of Miami Beach in the 1970s

It was 1977 and I was 7. My grandmother had a mansion on Miami Beach on Alton Road. It was a giant house with 15 bedrooms, and as many bathrooms. It had a giant living room with a vaulted ceiling and a huge fireplace. The floors were marble. It was filled with antiques. It was filled with laughter and the sweet scents of tropical flowers and fruit in the air. At night my mom and brother and I would get in our silver Chrysler Cordoba and explore Miami Beach. We would turn the music up loud and cruise around listening to the Bee Gees and pop music on the radio. We would cruise Ocean Drive and the causeways looking for adventures. We would enjoy the streets of Miami and the Beaches. We would pass by Macs Club Deuce or maybe the Hotel Leonardo on 1st and Ocean by the Dog Track. We would get late night snacks at the Rascal House or at one of the many hole in the wall cafes that were on every corner. I loved to sit in the back seat of our car and smell the sea breezes and look up to the puffy Miami Clouds. I felt free and alive and in the moment. The music on the radio was always playing making our theme music each night. Sometimes mum would drive all night to nowhere. We would watch the people on the streets. The hippies and surfers by the pier on 1st Street were always a good show. And the causeways felt magical as we would drive over the bay almost floating over the ocean like we could fly. It was the 3 of us. My mom my brother and me the 3 Musketeers who had no worries except what song we wished to come on the radio next. We were adventurers savoring the blessings that the beautiful Miami night gave us. The moon and stars seemed within reach in 1977 and 1978 on Miami Beach and in the City. I loved our late night drives and from my velvet back seat in our Cordoba I felt alive and safe and free. I learned to love driving and to listen to music and dream about happy things like playing in the surf tomorrow and forever. My mom taught me to appreciate the night air and the wind in my face with my favorite songs blaring in the background providing the theme music to my life. There was nothing greater than our night drives in the 1970s in Miami Beach. We loved to pass by the Bee Gees mansion on Bay Road by our house where there were always groupies outside waiting for Barry, Maurice and Robin. I would always be looking for Andy Gibb and sometimes he would make a brief appearance. We had Night Fever and we were loving life. There was no social media or computers or cell phones to distract us. We had each other and our City and we loved our time together driving to nowhere each night…

Life was good and we were living in a dream.

Hi. I am Daniel aka Cosmojames…

I love to tell stories about my adventures in Miami, the Carolinas, Montreal and on the Radio and working on movies and TV shows. I want to share ideas about being a good father. I want to help people who may sometimes feel lost or lonely or maybe discouraged. I want to find inspiration from my past to help make a better future while I am still lucky enough to be alive on this Space Ship called Earth.

I will share thoughts on love and romance. On surviving and overcoming tragedies. I will try to inspire my readers and myself by writing stories with my heart.

I am a car addict. A music lover. A romantic. I am confident. I am a chicken. I love life and try to make each day vital. I like to help people and make them smile. Maybe my writing can inspire you?

This is a work in progress that will be constantly evolving… So stay tuned.

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