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Memories of Miami Beach in the 1970s

It was 1977 and I was 7. My grandmother had a mansion on Miami Beach on Alton Road. It was a giant house with 15 bedrooms, and as many bathrooms. It had a giant living room with a vaulted ceiling and a huge fireplace. The floors were marble. It was filled with antiques. It was filled with laughter and the sweet scents of tropical flowers and fruit in the air. At night my mom and brother and I would get in our silver Chrysler Cordoba and explore Miami Beach. We would turn the music up loud and cruise around listening to the Bee Gees and pop music on the radio. We would cruise Ocean Drive and the causeways looking for adventures. We would enjoy the streets of Miami and the Beaches. We would pass by Macs Club Deuce or maybe the Hotel Leonardo on 1st and Ocean by the Dog Track. We would get late night snacks at the Rascal House or at one of the many hole in the wall cafes that were on every corner. I loved to sit in the back seat of our car and smell the sea breezes and look up to the puffy Miami Clouds. I felt free and alive and in the moment. The music on the radio was always playing making our theme music each night. Sometimes mum would drive all night to nowhere. We would watch the people on the streets. The hippies and surfers by the pier on 1st Street were always a good show. And the causeways felt magical as we would drive over the bay almost floating over the ocean like we could fly. It was the 3 of us. My mom my brother and me the 3 Musketeers who had no worries except what song we wished to come on the radio next. We were adventurers savoring the blessings that the beautiful Miami night gave us. The moon and stars seemed within reach in 1977 and 1978 on Miami Beach and in the City. I loved our late night drives and from my velvet back seat in our Cordoba I felt alive and safe and free. I learned to love driving and to listen to music and dream about happy things like playing in the surf tomorrow and forever. My mom taught me to appreciate the night air and the wind in my face with my favorite songs blaring in the background providing the theme music to my life. There was nothing greater than our night drives in the 1970s in Miami Beach. We loved to pass by the Bee Gees mansion on Bay Road by our house where there were always groupies outside waiting for Barry, Maurice and Robin. I would always be looking for Andy Gibb and sometimes he would make a brief appearance. We had Night Fever and we were loving life. There was no social media or computers or cell phones to distract us. We had each other and our City and we loved our time together driving to nowhere each night…

Life was good and we were living in a dream.


Published by cosmojames

I am a dreamer about the past and the future just trying to enjoy my 7500 or so days left of life...

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