Hi. I am Daniel aka Cosmojames…

I love to tell stories about my adventures in Miami, the Carolinas, Montreal and on the Radio and working on movies and TV shows. I want to share ideas about being a good father. I want to help people who may sometimes feel lost or lonely or maybe discouraged. I want to find inspiration from my past to help make a better future while I am still lucky enough to be alive on this Space Ship called Earth.

I will share thoughts on love and romance. On surviving and overcoming tragedies. I will try to inspire my readers and myself by writing stories with my heart.

I am a car addict. A music lover. A romantic. I am confident. I am a chicken. I love life and try to make each day vital. I like to help people and make them smile. Maybe my writing can inspire you?

This is a work in progress that will be constantly evolving… So stay tuned.

Published by cosmojames

I am a dreamer about the past and the future just trying to enjoy my 7500 or so days left of life...

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