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Montreal Memories in the 1970’s; driving to nowhere and eating at Moes Snack Bar

The 1970’s in Montreal were a time of wonder. I was just a kid and the World was wide open with possibilities. There were many nights when we would pile into our silver Chrysler Cordoba with it’s crushed velvet interior and exterior opera lights to explore the wondrous island of Montreal. We might fly up the hills to the top of the mountain in Westmount to play at the Lookout. We would park our chariot and look out upon the beautiful city laid before us under the twinkling Canadian Stars. We might heckle a group of weirdos or race around the mountain peak screaming out the windows chanting crazy rants out of the windows of our fancy car. Then if we got hungry we would descend from our mountain lair and head to Moes Snack Bar for fries and brown gravy. Moe would greet us with his sly grin. He was like a crazy Santa sucking on a half lit cigar. We would grab a booth and shove some change into the jukebox which might play Freddy Fender, KC and the Sunshine Band or a slow song by KISS or the Eagles. Nick the Cook would whip up our delicious snacks and we would chow down and recharge ourselves so we could go on to drive through the City until dawn. We would pass by the Montreal Forum, and the Mustache Bar and the Reggae Record Store where Mum might score some weed. Then we would shoot down St. Catherine Street to St Lawrence Blvd. where the Ladies of the Night would ply their wares and where the street people would live their crazy lives for us to watch like a Reality TV show. We might stop in for a delicious steamer hot dog if we were still hungry or a bagel at St Viateur. Then we would drive some more until the sun popped up over our magical city and it was time to return to our beautiful town home located on Columbia Avenue. My mum, my brother, and me would share this time together smiling from ear to ear. I can still feel the cool Summer Breeze that blows over the Island of Montreal. That wind is always with me and so is the smell of the delicious treats from Moes and the 24 hour bagelery. These were moments that made me the free spirit that I am today. And when I miss my Mum or my Bro I close my eyes and I remember that we are driving all night through the City looking for nowhere to go and just being happy to be together.


Published by cosmojames

I am a dreamer about the past and the future just trying to enjoy my 7500 or so days left of life...

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