What do I do for a living? Good question!

We all get asked that question and for me I have a 1000 answers. I have been a radio dj, a roadie, a movie extra, a pizza man, an ice cream man, a newspaper man, a private eye, a bartender, a waiter, a mechanic, a phone book delivery man, a habedasher, a chauffeur, a baker, a truck loader, a carpenter, a construction man, a welder, a set builder, a stagehand, a smoothie maker, a stay at home dad for twin girls, a caregiver for the elderly, a zookeeper, a janitor, a maid, a labor pool worker with homeless people in Miami in the 80s, a towel boy at basketball games, a factory worker, a temp worker, a personal assistant, a pet sitter, a landscaper at Julio Iglesias’ house, a telemarketer, a consultant, a wedding dj, a drummer, a karate instructor, a PR guy, a pot grower, a Temporary Pot burner for the DEA (Miami labor pool job 1986), a salesman, a data entry clerk, a printer, a tye dye designer, an antiques picker, an eBay seller, a candle maker, a volunteer..and many more things. I guess what I try to do is make money to pay my bills because I always seem to spend too much and save too little. If I won the lottery I would probably volunteer to help animals, the special olympics and the homeless. I have enjoyed and sometimes hated all my jobs so far and I am still looking for one. Are you hiring?

Published by cosmojames

I am a dreamer about the past and the future just trying to enjoy my 7500 or so days left of life...

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