Job Hunting at 50? Maybe you should start a business and stop working for The Man

Job Hunting at 50? Why not start a small business? 

It’s time to reinvent yourself!

If you are 50 and above and you find yourself job hunting with mixed results here are some tips that have helped me along the way. 

1. Keep studying, learn a new skill and a new language. Maybe you are like me and you dedicated many years to one career. In my case it was Radio. I loved the business since I was a child staying up late at night listening to my favorite Rock Station and imaging myself On The Air! I followed my dream and I had a great run for over 20 years but somehow the business kept offering me lower pay checks and I was having a hard time making a living. I will always cherish the Magic of Radio and the many beautiful people I met while On The Air. I still love the business and I am still looking for a gig if anybody is hiring at WOLD. So I took my skills and landed a contract with some automakers. My Radio DJ people skills paid off while working on special projects at Ford, Toyota and Subaru. I studied Spanish to help me reach my customers in Miami. It’s always good to take inventory of your skills and apply them to something new. Everybody has a special talent. What’s yours? Use it!

2. Don’t give up. You have been around for a half a century. Your wisdom is valuable. Find a passion. Don’t be afraid to apply to 100 places that you find appealing, maybe you will get 1 reply that will change your situation. Age is mostly a matter of mind. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter. Stay positive and stay focused. Build your resumes, have a few of them that are job specific. What are you hobbies and passions? Look for jobs that involve what you love. Companies can tell when you are passionate. Stay energized and your energy will attract positivity. Follow up on your applications with phone calls and emails. Don’t take no for an answer. Pursue your next job like you once pursued that person you fell in love with! Put your heart into your job search. You will get results if you give it all you‘Ave got! Don’t give up!

3. Start a small business. For me I have been able to keep cash flow by selling vintage goods. You know old stuff? I have been a “Picker” since before they made TV shows about it. By the time you are 50 you have accumulated tons of stuff. Do you really need it all? Why not streamline and turn your stuff into cash. Isn’t it easier to carry cash instead of that vinyl collection or those heavy art pieces that you have collected?  How about all those old toys or your parents things that you are still storing? Whittle down your collection and convert it to cash on eBay, OfferUp, NextDoor, Facebook, Craigslist or Instagram. You will be amazed at how much cash you can make selling your old items. That way while you’re job hunting you can have some dough to keep things operational. We live in a magical time where the internet allows to find work, and it allows us to sell things and find gigs to hold us over until we land our next awesome gig. Don’t be afraid to become an Uber or LYFT driver. Try pizza delivery. I did once and I loved it. It was like going back in time being a Pizza Man and my job held me over until something better came along. Pizza jobs are Zen. They make you feel young again! And you get free food every time there is a mistake- you can eat your mistakes! I believe that being 50 is awesome. At this age you should be fearless and stop worrying. Stay positive. Stay active. Keep laughing and smiling and loving life. Enjoy the beauty around you and count your blessings. Everything will be just fine because you believe it will. Study on LinkedIn Learning and everywhere else that you can. Practice KAIZEN or continuous improvement. Your wisdom and experience is valuable. You will get another job- just keep pushing. 
But if you start a small business it will allow you time to be free and enjoy this beautiful life!

Published by cosmojames

I am a dreamer about the past and the future just trying to enjoy my 7500 or so days left of life...

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